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Global Meeting on Infectious Disease: Building Global Commitment to Multisectoral Approaches to Manage Emerging Zoonotic Disease in Support of the Global Health Security Agenda within the Framework of Public Health

Jakarta, Indonesia
20-21 August 2014

More Than 30 Countries Attend Global Health Summit, Jakarta (USAID Press Release)

Ministers of Health, Agriculture and other dignitaries from dozens of nations, including the United States, met in Jakarta, Indonesia August 20-21, 2014, to solidify plans for advancing the Global Heath Security Agenda (GHSA ).

Launched in February , the GSHA represents a broadly supported strategy for enhancing and better protecting public health worldwide. The aim is to unify nations in common goals and methods that will reduce the spread and impact of infectious disease by strengthening countries’ abilities to prevent, rapidly detect, and effectively respond to disease outbreaks.

Since its kickoff in Washington, D.C. that brought together 29 nations, the World Health Organization (WHO) and other international organizations, public health experts from around the world have been working on a framework for achieving the GHSA goals.  That effort included a meeting in Helsinki in May hosted by the Government of Finland convening dignitaries from 35 countries focusing on development of commitments that are measurable and substantive.  These meetings were held to advance our shared vision of global health security over the next five years.  Now officials and Ministers of public sectors, including Health and Agriculture, are gathering in Jakarta to make progress on Global Health Security Agenda objectives, including support of the WHO International Health Regulations (IHR).  Ministers of Health and Agriculture will be joined by participants from other sectors of government, including foreign affairs and development.

The meeting highlighted the multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder approach to effectively managing outbreaks of infectious diseases and related health threats. The meeting will also include a special focus on Zoonotic diseases, within the context of prevention, detection and response to emerging disease.

To learn more, visit the official website of the Jakarta meeting.

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